What is Double Glazing

What is Double Glazing?

All properties lose heat through their windows. But energy efficient double glazing keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing your heating bills. Using less fuel also means you will be saving money and generating less carbon dioxide, something we all need to do to help combat global warming.

Double glazed windows are formed with two sheets of glass with a gap in between them, the gap varies depending on which double glazing company you choose, they are usually between 10mm to 20mm, this gap creates an insulating barrier that keeps heat in. Coventry Double Glazing use a double glazed system that gives you optimum performance, Coventry Double Glazing also offer the option of gas filled double glazed sealed units to give you even better heat retention performance.

Coventry Double Glazing use the most energy efficient glass for their double glazed units, this is known as low emissivity (Low-E) glass (Pilkington K Glass for example is Low-E). This type of double glazing allows light in but reduces the amount of heat that can escape from your home.

What is PVC

PVC is an abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride. The ‘U’ in PVC-U stands for Un-plasticised, meaning it is rigid.

What is the difference between U-pvc and pvc-U?

The answer is there is no difference, u-PVC changed it’s name to PVC-u to fall in line with other European countries. Our European counterparts were all calling it PVC-U because most European languages place the noun (being PVC in this case) before the adjective (U).

PVC is used to manufacture many things i.e Garden chairs, but the name PVC has become synonymous with double glazed replacement products.

The main benefits to PVC-U are:

>PVC does not rot or biologically decompose.

>PVC is resistant to weathering with low maintenance requirements.

>PVC retains its shape within normal climatic temperatures.

>PVC is tough on impact.

>PVC can be reshaped at very high temperature and can therefore be recycled.

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