Fascia Soffits guttering Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the Fascia?

A: The fascia is the part you see that normally has the guttering fixed to it. House’s that have gable ends sometimes have timbers following the apex of the roof these are known as bargeboards.


Q: What is the Soffit?

A: The roof itself normally extends further than the brickwork (over hangs the house). The soffit is the part you see that sits under the fascia and returns back to the brickwork.


Q: What is Guttering?

A: The guttering normally fixes to the fascia and collects the rain water that runs down the roof; the guttering will have a down pipe that the rainwater flows down to be taken away from the building.


Q: What is Cladding?

A: Cladding is generally timber slats that you see used sometimes as a feature instead of brickwork. Some buildings have roof tiles hung as part of a feature these can be replaced with upvc cladding too.


Q: What do fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering do actually do?


A: They protect parts of your home from water and weather damage, such as the brickwork and the ends of the rafters. They can also actively enhance the look of your home. 

Q: Why should I have fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding replaced? 

A: These components are usually made from softwood and so will decay and deteriorate over time, however well maintained they have been. They will eventually fail to do the job they were installed to do. Total removal of the old timbers and replacing them using uPVC materials is a much better solution than “over cladding” (covering the existing rotten wood with a cosmetic cladding) as any wood left in place will continue to rot, making further remedial work necessary in the future. The replacement of these components also adds beauty and value to your house, as well as protecting it.

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